Because Uptime Matters
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Don't get crushed by the hefty weight of repair costs.

Our top of the line torque limiters and brakes make sure you keep hauling, scooping, shearing, and conveying long after our competitors products have failed.

Torque Limiters

PT Tech is known as the world's leading expert in Torque Limiters. Since 1978, PT Tech has led the charge in torque limiting research, testing, and products for extreme machines in: tunnel boring, mining, recycling, off-highway, steel, and the wind industry. ...Click Here For Products

Wet Brakes

PT Tech's oil-cooled hydraulic (wet) brake is a perfect example of how our engineers developed a custom solution for the mining industry. In response to customer need, we designed this single brake that performs two distinct functions: a spring-set PARKING BRAKE and a master cylinder operated DYNAMIC SERVICE BRAKE for underground mining vehicles....Click Here For Products

Combination Gearbox

PT Tech manufactures the most requested replacement brake/gearbox combination for Scoops and Shield Haulers in the mining industry....Click Here For Products

HPTO® Diesel Engine Clutches

PT Tech manufactures two HPTO® families commonly called DRY and WET clutches. HPTO® DRY clutches have their disc packs operate in a dry (oil free) environment, whereas the HPTO® WET clutches have their disc pack operate in a wet (oil soaked) environment...Click Here For Products

Conveyor Braking

For the past 20 years PT Tech downhill braking systems have been used in installations around the world. PT Tech is the only brake manufacturer to offer; caliper disc or totally enclosed brakes with each available with standard (open loop) or smart (closed loop) systems....Click Here For Products